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Overview Figures
& Graphical Abstracts

The Challenge

Many academic journals now require the submission of a graphical abstract along with submission of a manuscript.

Students participating in a workshop
The Solution

By the end of this workshop/seminar you will:

  • Have explored software options to help with figure design/graphics.

  • Have looked at design principles involved in laying out a figure.


This postgraduate training workshop will look at how to go about designing a graphical abstract or overview figure on your research findings.

Topics covered include:

  • Layout;

  • Use of colour;

  • What imagery to include;

  • Graphical abstracts;

  • Overview figures.

Students participating in a workshop

Research Development Framework (RDF)

  • A1/A2/A3 Knowledge and intellectual abilities

  • B3 Personal effectiveness

  • D2/D3 Engagement, influence and impact

“It was good to learn how to make a graphical introduction for my project.”

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