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Data visualisation
and Information Design

The Challenge

Data Visualisation is a huge field and many researchers don’t know where to begin to find knew ways to present their results.

Students taking part in data visualisation workshop
The Solution

By the end of the postgraduate training workshop you should be able to:​

  • Know the design process involved in creating a data visualisation/infographic.

  • Access several on-line tools available for data visualisation.

  • Design novel data visualisations/infographics for your research topic.


This workshop will serve as an introduction to the vast field of data visualisation. Highlighting on-line tools, you will learn how to tell stories
with your data. Examples of unique data visualisation projects will be shown for inspiration. Designing communications that appeal on an aesthetic level
is important no matter what discipline you work in.

This workshop will look at how data can be turned into compelling visual stories, including flat graphic design (infographics).

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of good visual storytelling;

  • Designing and presenting graphs and charts to maximise their impact;

  • Examples of good practice.


Please note: Although different visualisation software options will be discussed during the workshop, this is not a software-training course.

Biofilm 3d animation still

Research Development Framework (RDF)

  • A1/A2/A3 Knowledge and intellectual abilities

  • B3 Personal effectiveness

  • D2/D3 Engagement, influence and impact

“Great session this afternoon. Now brimming with ideas for data visualisations to accompany the passenger experience.”

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