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Career Opportunities
after a Science Degree (Online)

The Challenge

67% of PhD students want a career in academia, but only 30% stay in academia 3 years on (Higher Education Policy Institute - 16th July 2020).  It is therefore important to explore what career paths are open to you early on in your PhD journey.

The Solution

By the end of the workshop/seminar you should be able to:​

  • Know how to harness the power of your network for career progression.

  • Have identified your values, skills and motivations.

  • Have explored different sectors that you could work in.

  • Have an action plan in place for your next steps.


This workshop will begin with Dr. Mhairi Towler sharing the story of her own career path, from academic science to scientific animation. Other case studies of alternative careers, as well as careers in science, will be highlighted.  Participants will then evaluate where their strengths lie and how to tap into their own network for career progression. They will leave having identified a clear direction to move forward in with their chosen career.

Graphic of people choosing direction

Research Development Framework (RDF)​

  • B3 Personal effectiveness

“During the course of discussions in the career workshop, it gave me ideas to consider for my own career path, and which directions it may take in the future. Overall, I found the workshop to be both enjoyable and useful.”

Lorna Culverwell, University of Helsinki

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