Training workshops are delivered by facilitator Dr. Mhairi Towler for researcher development.  Workshop headings include "Presenting Your Research Visually", "Data Visualisation", and "Starting your own Enterprise". 

Workshops have been delivered previously at Universities of Dundee, Glasgow, St. Andrews & Aberdeen and the prestigious Curie Institut in Paris. 

Mhairi also facilitates the "A Creative Enlightenment" programme through the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities and the Eastbio workshop for science PhD students, "Leadership and Entrepreneurship - Using an enterprising mind set to get things done". 

For more information about the workshops download the workshop brochure here

University of Glasgow

The workshop was very helpful. I learned a lot of do’s and don'ts for poster presentations. Very interactive and interesting.


A Creative Enlightenment - SGSAH

 The Byre Theatre Dec 2015

The Byre Theatre Dec 2015

"I just wanted to thank all the team for organising such a brilliant event.  I learnt a lot and found the programme really interesting.  It was one of the most comprehensive and practical training programmes I've been on so far."


Starting Your Own Enterprise

"I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful. Although I have always been interested in taking my research into the 'real world' I've never really thought about the practical aspects of this and having to think of our elevator pitches and things such as funding and networking was very motivating and really made me start thinking about things more seriously." - A final year doctoral candidate/PhD student from the school of social science at The University of Dundee.

Institute Curie, Paris

I liked the session on story boarding as I would like to make
some animations and it was good to learn about the process involved.

 Glasgow Womens Library - June 2015

Glasgow Womens Library - June 2015

"My best academic experience so far in Scotland.  Great way to meet new interesting people.  I absolutely recommend it to any PhD student in Arts and Humanities."


Elevator Pitches

 Networking Exercise  Photo credit - Dmitry Finkelberg

Networking Exercise

Photo credit - Dmitry Finkelberg