Our services include...

Please contact us if you would like t-shirts, roller banners, posters, or anything else...

3D Animation

Using state of the art software and industry techniques, we create stunning 3D animations, bringing your previously static imagery to life and helping to depict dynamic processes that occur over time.  Our 3D animations have a sophisticated cinematic feel.  If you work on a particular protein and know the crystal structure, this can be incorporated into the animation for authenticity.  Impress your colleagues at your next conference with unforgettable visuals.


Professional Speaking

Our Founder and CEO Dr. Mhairi Towler has been an invited speaker at many high profile business events over the last few years telling the Vivomotion story.  Book Mhairi to speak at events for those who want to learn more about Vivomotion. 


2D Animation

Depending on your audience,  2D animation can help get across your message in simple terms.  Popular styles include whiteboard animation, good for a lay audience, and motion graphics, which is more stylised.



We are currently developing an e-book for The University of Dundee, but want to expand our range of e-books.  If you have an idea for an e-book please get in touch.



Training workshops are delivered by facilitator Dr. Mhairi Towler for researcher development.  Workshop headings include "Presenting Your Research Visually", "Data Visualisation", and "Starting your own Enterprise".  Workshops have been delivered previously at Universities of Dundee, Glasgow, St. Andrews & Aberdeen and the prestigious Curie Institut in Paris. 

Live Film

If you are interested in a mixed media video or need your lectures or presentations recorded for example we also provide top-quality filming services.


Academic Figures

Creating a consistent style for the way you present your research findings can give your work a memorable quality.  Whether for book chapters, academic journals or slides let us help you create a visual language that your audience can understand.